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William Remington Moses was born on November 17, 1959, to actress Marian McCargo and advertising business executive Richard Cantrell Moses.
(Click here for a beautiful video created by Laura in honor of Marian's career.)

When Billy was eight, he was adopted by his stepfather, former Congressman Alphonzo (Al) Bell Jr.

Sadly, in 2004 Billy lost both his mother and stepfather. (memorial page)

Marian, in "The Undefeated" with John Wayne

Marian with husband Al Bell

Marian and Richard had four sons, Billy, Graham, Harry and Rick. Rick is an actor, Harry was an actor and director and is now a minister and writer, Graham is a musician.

Billy also has three stepbrothers, Al Bell's kids. All seven boys were raised together by Marian and Al.

Brother Rick with Genie Francis from his time on General Hospital

Billy and Harry together at "Battle of the Network Stars"

Billy married Tracy Nelson (daughter of musician Rick Nelson) in 1987. They had a daughter, Remington Elizabeth Moses. Billy and Tracy were divorced in 1997.

Billy with first wife Tracy Nelson, and daughter Remi
(More pictures of Billy and Tracy here)

In 2002, Billy married again. He and his wife Sarah have a daughter, Grace MacIntyre.



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