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Billy will be guest starring on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" February 15th at 7:00pm on ABC Family!
Billy will be guest starring on "The Forgotten" on February 9th at 10:00pm (9:00 Central) on ABC!
Watch Billy's online series, "Pushed," at The whole series is available to watch right now!
Great news! talked to Warner Home Video and were told that Season 1 of Falcon Crest will be released on DVD in the US some time in 2010!
A few new pictures added for "The Nurse" and some of Billy with ex-wife Tracy Nelson.
Billy will be guest starring on "Bones" on November 19th at 8:00pm (7:00 Central) on Fox!
BIG NEWS!!! Billy will be at the 20th Anniversary celebration of "Mystic Pizza!" See the home page for details!
Billy will appear on a new episode of "Ghost Whisperer" October 24th at 8:00pm (7:00 Central) on CBS!
Sadly, no news about any new projects for Billy yet, but take a listen to some of Rick Moses's songs, then check out his website and get some of his great music for yourself!
New videos posted - Hopelessly Devoted to Billy and While the Children Sleep
A large number of Falcon Crest screencaps have been posted at the Falcon Crest page.
The Guestbook is working again! Please sign it when you get a chance. Guestbook
The new "Jane Doe" movie, "Eye of the Beholder," will air on the Hallmark Channel on January 12th at 9:00pm, and again on January 17th at 9:00pm.
Season 1 of "The Love Boat" will be released on dvd 3/4/08. Let's hope the early seasons sell well, so eventually we'll get to see Billy's episodes!
Watch Billy's episode of CSI: Miami online at
Billy will be a guest star on CSI: Miami. The episode airs November 26th at 10:00pm est on CBS.
The new "Jane Doe" movies will air beginning in January, 2007.
New movie announced on IMDB: "Like Mother, Like Daughter" Seems to be scheduled to air on tv in 2007.
A new set of "Jane Doe" movies have been posted on the IMDB. Looks like Hallmark is going to run another whole season of J.D. movies starting this fall.
The next Jane Doe movie to air will be "Jane Doe: I Remember it Well". It is scheduled to air on the Hallmark Channel January 14th at 9:00pm (8:00 Central).

The bad news: It looks like "Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall" will not air until January 2006 (it was originally scheduled for August 14th, 2005).

The good news: They are shooting a third film for the next run. The new ones will be "The Harder They Fall", "The Brigadoon Effect" and "Yes, I Remember It Well". If they continue to do well in the ratings, hopefully we will get a bunch more!

Falcon Crest is coming to your computer!!! AOL and Warner Bros. are going to be offering streaming video of a bunch of tv series, including Falcon Crest. More info.
Billy is guest starring in an episode of "Cold Case" on Sunday, November 20th on CBS.
Billy's new movie, "A Lover's Revenge", is now airing on the Lifetime Network.

Billy is going to be in a series of four Hallmark Channel movies. Leah Thompson is playing the lead character, "Jane Doe", a soccer mom & secret agent, and Billy is playing her husband. If the movies do well, they may make more, so be sure to watch and tell your friends to watch too! The first movie premiers in January.

Many thanks to Stephen, Billy's manager for telling us this information!

The Guestbook and Message Board are finally here! Please introduce yourself in the guestbook, and discuss anything related to our favorite guy on the message board!
Billy's stepdad, Alphonzo Bell Jr. has also passed away. Again, our deepest condolences to his family. Please visit our memorial page.
Billy's mom, Marian McCargo Bell, died April 7th of pancreatic cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Billy and his family. For more about Marian, click here. The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. To make a donation, click on the link at the top right corner of the page.


March 28th, Billy participated in the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in Oxnard, California. The triathlon consists of a .75 km swim, a 15 km bike ride, and a 5 km run. More information about the triathlon is available at Billy has joined a triathlon organization called Team in Training which raises money for the Lukemia Society. Congratulations Billy on completing your first triathlon!!! (And thanks to new list member Audrey for passing this on to us!)
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