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Vital Statistics for
William Remington Moses

  • Birth Date: November 17, 1959
  • Children: Daughters Remi and Grace
  • Wife: Sarah (married 2002)
  • Brothers: Graham, Harry and Rick
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Hair Color: Sandy blonde
  • Eye Color: blue
Many thanks again to Laura S., Billy's biggest fan!
By Laura S.

Handsome, blue-eyed, blond, William Remington Moses was born in Los Angeles, California on November 17, 1959 to actress Marian McCargo and Advertising business executive Richard Cantrell Moses. When Billy was 5, he tried out and won the lead role of a children's television series. Just after he got the part he had mixed feelings about being in the business. His parents were divorcing and after a long talk with a relative, he decided he didn't want to be in show biz. His parents supported him on the decision and they backed out of the contract, which lead to big legal issues. Billy would soon decide that he would prefer being an average little boy and go play sports. In high school he played football until he dislocated his hip, so he decided to play basketball and involve himself in other sports activities.

From a TVGuide article back on February 16, 1984: "Having spent what seemed like half my life in the gym, I got to Wesleyan and all of a sudden I just didn't care. Mid-terms came around and the school got so competitive. They found a guy who hanged himself in a closet upstairs in my dorm. The next day, I got a call from Oregon from a girl I was madly in love with, saying she didn't want to see me. A girl I'd been seeing at Wesleyan called an hour later and said the same. The next day, I woke up to learn that some girl had gotten so depressed at the suicide that she slit her wrists. I was lost. I walked around like a zombie. The next day my roommate said, 'See ya at dinner.' I said "Yeah,' threw my stuff in a bag, went to the nearest train station and headed for my brothers place in New York, where I stayed for a couple of weeks. Then I came back to LA."

Moses took work as a carpenter's apprentice, but nagging him was one of his few pleasant memories of Wesleyan - A theater set design course. Moses resumed his studies at USC, landed an agent, took acting classes at night and started appearing in commercials. The commercials eventually let to a role in "Choices" a 1981 film.

A week after he wrapped "Choices", Moses read for a part in "The Vintage Years." That pilot became Falcon Crest, and Moses found himself acting opposite a core of fine, vastly more experienced actors - something that initially bothered him. "It dawned on me that people like Robert Foxworth and Susan Sullivan, and, of course Jane Wyman, have done everything. I realized that no one was expecting me to know it all already." Still, watching some early episodes of Falcon Crest is unsettling: "We're all our own worst critics, but I swear I can see myself actually looking for my mark. Now I see some progress. I sit at home every Friday night with my can of beer and pizza, and if I don't throw up, I figure my scenes were OK."

Billy participated in BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS in 1982 when he met his future wife, actress Tracy Nelson, (Daughter of the late rock legend Ricky Nelson), of "SQUARE PEGS" and later known for her roles in "GLITTER" and "FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES." He starred in the CBS nighttime series, FALCON CREST, from 1981-1986. He left the series, only to return as a guest star on the series in 1987 for 2 episodes, "New Faces," And "Sweet Revenge." Billy and Tracy got married at a hotel in Catalina Island in late July 1987. They had a fairytale romance. About a month after their nuptials, Tracy became really ill and they'd found out she had Hodgkin's disease. Luckily, she has made a full recovery. In 1988 and 1989, Billy appeared in movies such as ALIEN FROM LA, and MYSTIC PIZZA, and also made guest appearances on several shows the likes of MURDER SHE WROTE and FATHER DOWLING MYSTERIES. He also landed the role of Ken Malansky in PERRY MASON MOVIES which he would continue to play till the series came to an end in 1995. In this time he'd appeared in many other films such as TRIAL BY JURY, FUN, CIRCUMSTANCES UNKNOWN, THE HAUNTING OF SEACLIFF INN, and many others. In 1992, he appeared on MELROSE PLACE as Alison Parker's obsessive boyfriend, Keith Gray. On August 11, 1992, Billy and Tracy welcomed their new daughter Remington Elizabeth Moses into the world. This happened just a few years after Tracy had been in remission from cancer. In 1997, Billy and Tracy announced their divorce. They'd been separated the year before but work didn't stop as Billy moved onto more projects. He landed a starring role in a series called FAME LA, which was a wonderfully done spin off of the '80's series FAME. He appeared in the movies THE PRICE OF KISSING, THE NURSE, and THE FIANCE. To get an idea of how outstanding his talents are you must see LIVING IN FEAR and HER BEST FRIENDS HUSBAND, HANGMAN'S CURSE, MYSTERY WOMAN, and THE CHRISTMAS CHILD. He continues to appear on various TV shows to this day. This actor has really come a long way and we hope he will continue to let those talents shine and inspire so many others!

Billy is currently married to a wonderful woman named Sarah and they have a daughter named Grace. Congratulations Billy! I hope you will find this article to be pretty accurate.



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